The 3 Step Strategy My Beginner Level Conjure Clients Are Using To Create Powerful Conjure Oils That Transform The Lives of Their Family, Friends, and Community 

(Without Buying Fixed/Spelled/Conjure Candles, Conjure Oils, Rituals Or Becoming Dependent On Someone Else's Magic)

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This Monday at 8pm EST/5PM PST

This Masterclass is ONLY for people who want to HELP others by making conjure oils. This Masterclass is NOT for everyone.

What I'll Cover On This LIVE Masterclass
  •  CONNECT TO THE MOST POWERFUL ANCESTOR IN 5 MINUTES OR  LESS  Ancestors are not deceased loved ones. Yea, I said it! I'll cover my 3 step method for beginners to connect to their high vibrational POWER ancestor in 5 minutes  or less WITHOUT having to connect to dead people. This is the same method Heather used to connect to her power ancestor so she could remove blockages in her marriage with her first road opener oil
  • LEARN MY SSI METHOD TO HERB MASTERY IN 5 MINUTES OR LESS - No more researching for hours on end about what herbs to include in the conjure oils. Save time and use The SSI Method which is built for beginners to know the exact herbs to make their conjure oils potent & poppin' on the very first try. Lamel used the SSI Method to choose herbs for his conjure oil & got a new apartment in NYC with his very first conjure oil. 
  • LEARN HOW TO ADD POWER AND POTENCY TO CONJURE  OILS so they transform lives. Learn the Six Sense Conjure technique to harness the energy of high vibrational power ancestor and add it to conjure oils for maximum results consistently. No Experience or initiations required! This is the method Camile used to make her very first wealth oil to get accepted into Med School 
  • 2021 BONUS: I’ll share the behind the scenes on how my beginner level conjure clients are able to go from not knowing where to get started to  having a step by step repeatable blueprint that allows them to make their most powerful conjure oil so they can begin to transform the lives of their children, family and local community in 2021. 

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Presented By:

Darius Allen Livingston Mills 
Darius Mills is the founder & CEO of Conjured Creations LLC. He has helped beginner level conjurers go from self doubt and lack of confidence in their conjure practice to being able to create conjure oils that create thriving spiritual businesses, transform the lives of family & friends without needing needed to rely on anyone else's candles, oils or rituals. 

P.S. This Masterclass is ONLY for people who want to HELP others by making conjure oils. This Masterclass is NOT for everyone.

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